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April DeJong

Way back, my family owned and ran an unfinished furniture store in Edmonton - Koopmans’ Manufacturing Ltd. We did everything , from designing and building to staining/painting and even repairing furniture. I grew up working there - sales with mom and deliveries with dad. That experience set the tone for my business life – do it all, do it well.

My career started off working in international trade and economic development; and for years my work benefited many small businesses. I left that to start a family and continued to work as a small business consultant. 

Did I mention I love to connect with great people? You don’t have to go very far to make great connections. Everyone has a fascinating story, you just need to ask them questions and stay curious. 
I’m looking forward to our first handshake.


Mike Baboushkin

What do food, restaurants, residential design and construction, and the real estate industry have in common? Me! I’m Mike Baboushkin. I’ve been a designer for 40 years and a real estate agent in this market for over 15 years now. In that time I’ve seen – and possibly done – all you can see and do in this industry, through boom and bust, build and teardown, and especially buying and selling.
I come to real estate through design. I’m obsessed with elegant home design and have designed and planned and built new homes with an eye toward timeless simplicity and refined understatement. This experience also makes me ideal for evaluating a potential home purchase, or selecting the right lot on which to build one. Never one to walk away from the details, I’ve also developed a reputation for high-standard home staging advice and execution. And when it comes to navigating city permits and bylaws, as well as construction costing and trades sourcing, you’ll find my residential construction experience invaluable.
So, what’s all this about food and restaurants, you ask? I’ve designed numerous Calgary eateries of various descriptions and menus and have been an owner in five. And while I’m loath to call myself a foodie per se, I appreciate the fact that where you eat is sometimes the best way to impart flavour to that perfect dish.
When you’re ready to talk real estate or fine dining, so am I.



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