Why Why Calgary? Why Why Not?


Make your next move the best ever. If you’re considering a move for work, for family, or just for a change of scene, we’d like you to consider a few things on top of everything else you’re considering. Calgary, they say: “it’s no more than 20 minutes to get anywhere”. Not bad, especially on the commute. Calgary’s also fast-paced, there’s lots to do, both in the Winter and Summer. Ever heard of the Stampede? Think cowboy-cosplay for grownups and you have an idea of what this 10-day annual party’s about. But it’s the perks of working in Calgary that really pay off. The Rockies are an hour away – you can see them from the city. Skiing, wildlife, log cabins, boating, fishing, insane views, the list goes on, and on, (and on!). Calgary is safe – like REALLY safe. Great for kids. Even downtown is serene. And though oil is down, tech is up, and diversification is driving an economic recovery. That means people are on the move, and that means that – chances are - you’ve got a place out here. We could go on, but really, if you’re thinking of heading West, drop us a line. We’re here, we know the scene. We’ll fill you in, and hopefully, even get you settled.

We’re a team of real estate agents who have come together to share our love of Calgary with you!

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YYC Why Why Not?